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Character/Player Info

All entries below this one are relevant to daisychainrpg.

This entry is Luis' profile and information for trans_9.

Name: GG
LJ: ggmoonycrisco
Email: theggning@gmail.com
Messenger: FullArmoredGG (AIM)
Timezone: Mountain (GMT -7)

Feel free to use this post as an HMD. If you have any issues with the way I play Luis, please bring them to my attention in whatever method makes you the most comfortable.

Sorry about the inevitable sexual harassment, though. It's kind of what he does.


Name: Luis Sera
Age: 29 (at death)
Height/Weight: 6'1" / 163 lbs
Origin/Nationality: Pueblo, Valencia, Spain (Spanish)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray


At first glance, most people dismiss Luis as a sleazy bum. He seems laid-back, sarcastic and careless; a self-professed good-for-nothing ladies' man, he's glib, outspoken and also happens to be a compulsive liar. He has a bad habit of incessantly hitting on anything adult and female that moves, no matter how corny, no matter the time, no matter her current relationship status, no matter how badly she could kick his ass if she felt like it. He's fond of handguns and cigarettes and tries to keep both on him at all times. According to most, Luis is a sketchy douche with an accent and a bad haircut and he doesn't seem to care about changing anybody's minds.

Most people who ask will be told he is a former cop from Madrid, Spain. This is 100% false. It's hard to believe and he doesn't seem the part at all, but Luis is, in fact, an incredibly brilliant scientist. He's devastatingly intelligent and driven in his research, so much so that he often sacrifices food and sleep in the name of his latest experiment. Luis is something of a coward, however, prone to getting skittish when the chips are down, whether that means running away or desperately trying to lie his way out depending on the situation. He's a crack shot with a pistol, but it would take a serious crisis to bring that talent to the surface. His lazy, careless persona is a deliberate attempt to downplay his morality and intelligence to keep from attracting people who would try to use him-- something he's very eager to prevent from ever happening again. He hopes by acting the part of the fool, he'll be able to fly under the radar more easily.

No matter how he may attempt to claim otherwise, though, Luis is a pretty decent guy with a strong moral core that he'd give his life to uphold-- and in fact, he did so just recently. Deep down, below the layers of smugness and lies, he secretly harbors a guilty conscience, and Luis will go out of his way or risk his life for a cause if it alleviates his guilt in even the slightest respect.


Luis was raised by his grandfather in the remote village of Pueblo, Valencia, Spain. A brilliant young man, he left the village for university and spent ten years studying biology and chemistry in Madrid. Shortly before completing his doctoral thesis, his letters home stopped getting replies and worried, he abruptly set off for home. He arrived in Pueblo to find the sudden prominence of a formerly-extinct religious cult called Los Illuminados. Many of the villagers, including Luis' grandfather, had vanished, and many of the others were suffering from a parasitic illness called Las Plagas. The infected would turn pale and cough up blood, and within a few days become "Ganados"- "hive-minded" drones who resort to bizarre, cannibalistic and savage behavior. Osmund Saddler, cult leader and robed creep, approached Luis and offered him a position as a researcher on the cult's incredibly suspicious multi-million-dollar island laboratory just off the coast near Pueblo. Tempted by all the shiny machines and the prospect of researching a cure for the Las Plagas, Luis agreed.

Luis spent months researching Las Plagas and developing a variety of different treatments for the parasites, none of which ever seemed to reach the infected. Fascinated and blinded by his progress (that, or reaching levels of obliviousness heretofore unknown to man), he continued his work even in the face of overwhelming evidence that Saddler was up to no good. One day, it finally dawned on him-- Saddler was orchestrating the Las Plagas outbreak in order to forcibly indoctrinate villagers into Los Illuminados, and Luis has been unwittingly helping him through his research. All of his treatments were being used to strengthen the parasites rather than weaken them, and the inhuman abominations filling up the laboratory were indirectly made by his own hands. Horrified, Luis confronted Saddler with his findings and was rewarded for his sudden change of heart with a needle in his neck and a Plaga egg injected into his body. Once it hatched, he will fall under Saddler's control as well, and Saddler left him to finish his work with the clock ticking until Las Plagas took over his body.

As luck would have it, leaving the Los Illuminados' lead researcher to wait out his fate was Saddler's biggest mistake.

Luis held the parasite at bay with his anti-Plaga drugs and scrambled to finish the Plaga Removal Laser he'd been working on, finishing the prototype just in time to test it out on himself. Luckily, it worked like a charm and Las Plagas was eliminated from Luis' body. With the clock ticking before Saddler discovered what he'd done, he dropped an email to one of his college friends begging for help-- the email was intercepted by Ada Wong, a spy in the employ of series villain Albert Wesker. Having heard of the brilliant Luis Sera through her contacts with The Agency, Ada convinced Wesker of his importance. Wesker struck a bargain with Luis-- in exchange for a master sample of Las Plagas, Wesker would extract the wayward researcher from within the cult and see him safely into custody.

Luis snatched Saddler's master sample of Las Plagas and escaped from the laboratory complex, the entirety of the cult soon hot on his trail. He stashed the sample in a hidden location nearby Pueblo to ensure that his rescuers would do their best to keep him alive, and though he managed to evade capture for several days thanks to his knowledge of the countryside around the village, he was eventually caught by the cult members, bound and gagged and locked in a wardrobe in an abandoned house for safekeeping.

This is where RE4 actually begins.

American special agent Leon Kennedy discovered Luis and freed him from his bonds, though the reprieve was temporary as the cult members burst in and captured both men again in short order. The two make acquaintances in captivity, and Luis learned of Leon's mission to rescue the president's daughter, Ashley Graham, who had also been kidnapped by Los Illuminados in a half-baked world domination scheme.

When Leon killed their would-be executioner, Luis made a break for it and hid in another abandoned cabin to await the arrival of his promised rescuers. Leon and Ashley stumbled on the very cabin hours later, and this time Luis stuck around to help Leon chase off a huge mob of Ganados, proving himself a capable backup under fire (lots and lots and lots of fire.) Then Luis took off again but instead of running like a wuss, this time he took a side trip to pick up the sample and a bottle of his anti-Plaga drugs, since he can tell both Leon and Ashley have also been injected with the parasite and his overwhelming guilt won't let him abandon the two Americans to their gruesome fates (even if Leon seems absolutely incapable of pronouncing Luis's name properly.)

Unfortunately, when Luis caught up with Leon at Castle Salazar to give him the drugs, Saddler caught up with Luis and impaled him through the back with one of his pointy tentacle appendages. Saddler stole back the Plaga sample, but Luis managed to hand Leon the drugs and confess his involvement with the cult before bleeding to death on the castle floor.

Luis' research notes and his finished P.R.L. will eventually save Leon and Ashley's lives and help usher in the explosive end of Los Illuminados (literally), leaving Saddler to regret the day he ever gave the so-called "vagrant Spaniard" his own laboratory. Luis wouldn't know that though, since he was quite sure he was dead when he suddenly found himself on the floor in a puddle of goo and free of any career-ending injuries in his chest cavity.

Supernatural Abilities:

At this point his only impressive ability of note is the ability to still be around after taking a 30 foot tentacle through the back. Thanks, Stacy!

Non-superhuman special abilities of note:

Luis is a brilliant scientist with plenty of research and practical background in biology, biochemistry and microbiology. He knows his way around a lab and is an efficient and dedicated researcher. While not a pharmacist or a medical doctor, he knows enough about the workings of the human body for basic first aid and has improvised medications for various purposes as well. He's also shown talent for machines, having successfully invented the P.R.L. 412 device for the elimination of Las Plagas parasites back in his own laboratory.

Your Luis Sera also comes equipped with a rudimentary knowledge of firearms and surprisingly good aim. He will only actually display his fighting skills when there is no other option for escape.